The Reston Community Players (RCP) is committed to excellence in community theater for Reston, Virginia and Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

For 50 years, RCP has been an integral part of our community. The success of our theatrical productions (and our longevity!) is an outward sign of our talents and abilities, proving that with a tremendous amount of work, patience, ingenuity, and thousands of hours of commitment, it is possible to make an all-volunteer organization like ours prosper and grow.

In this capacity, RCP aims:

  • To provide a variety of opportunities for the residents of Reston and surrounding communities to experience live theater “in their own backyard;”
  • To produce diverse, creative, and collaborative works of theater that are noted for their excellence and professionalism and that entertain and challenge the people of these communities;
  • To seek new ways to enhance the cultural environment within these communities and to encourage growth and education through the performing arts;
  • To value, encourage and increase respect for those who create the theatrical experience by giving them the latitude and safe environment they need to express their art, entertain an audience, and receive the appreciation their efforts deserve; and
  • To widen participation by all in the processes and fulfillments of theater.