In addition to the time and energies of our legion of volunteers, it takes financial stability to keep RCP afloat and continue to bring high-quality live theater to the greater Reston community. Ticket sales only cover a percentage of production expenses and are not nearly enough to offset our overall operating costs.

Please consider making a tax deductible cash gift to RCP. No dollar amount is too small! Below are some theatrical necessities that are made possible with your generous financial contribution:

Make a donation to RCP by clicking the button below.  Thank you for your generous contribution!

Donations may also be mailed to:
Reston Community Players
c/o Treasurer
PO BOX 8232
Reston, VA 20195


Gaff tape for our stage managers to mark the stage floor so our amazing running crews know just where to place all of our set pieces.


Batteries for our wireless microphones so our stellar sound team can ensure that each and every line and musical note is heard in every seat in the house.


Fabric and other notions so our crafty costume department can transform our actors into showgirls, chimney sweeps, dancing animals, and fantastical ogres.


Paint for our visionary set painters to create the huge backdrops that frame many of our productions and are created by hand right in our scene shop.


Lumber so our diligent set construction team can transform our stage into living rooms, bedrooms, sweeping staircases, forests, and rooftops.


Electricity which allows us to keep the lights on in our rehearsal hall for our talented casts to perfect their performances as well as keep the power tools humming in our scene shop.