A Walk in the Woods is presented through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. Rights pending.

By Lee Blessing
Directed by Adam Konowe
Produced by Richard Durkin

Performance Dates
February 26 – March 12, 2021


TUESDAY DECEMBER 15 @ 7:30-9pm

Callbacks by invitation will be held on Thursday December 17

Auditions will be held virtually via Zoom. A link will be emailed to those who sign up to audition.

The place is a “pleasant woods on the outskirts of Geneva,” where two superpower arms negotiators, a Russian and an American, meet informally after long, frustrating hours at the bargaining table. The Russian, Botvinnik, a seasoned veteran who has mastered the Soviet “hard line,” is urbane and humorous but, at the same time, profoundly cynical about what the current sessions can accomplish. His young American counterpart, Honeyman, a newcomer to the arms-control talks, is a bit stuffy and pedantic, but also fervently idealistic about what can—and must—be achieved through perseverance and honest bargaining. They continue their informal meetings as the talks drag on and the seasons change, and through their absorbing and revealing conversations we become aware both of the deepening understanding between these two wise and decent men and also of the profound frustration that they increasingly feel. In the end, when Botvinnik announces that he is leaving his post, Honeyman is genuinely regretful, not only because of the friendship that has grown between them but also because he knows that he must now confront again the deep-seated mistrust and misconceptions which a “new man” will bring with him—and that the elemental differences in their two systems of government will continue to exacerbate as long as the real power rests in the hands of those burdened by the bitterness of the past.


Andrey Botvinnik, 57, a career Soviet diplomat
John Honeyman, 45, an American negotiator

Ages are not firm, though John should be noticeably younger than Andrey. It is not required that either role be played by a male actor.


  • Performers of any race, ethnicity or gender are welcomed and encouraged to audition.
  • Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and will be conducted via Zoom.
  • You must click on the link on the right to attend one of the audition sessions in order to have the Zoom link emailed to you
  • You must also submit the online Audition Form prior to your audition. The link to the form (it is a Google form) is on the right side of this page.
  • Be prepared to provide ALL CONFLICTS AND TRAVEL PLANS when filling out the Audition Form, including any conflicts for the callback date.
  • ALL actors cast in the show are required to also be available for strike.  This is a mandatory date and will most likely occur the day after the production is filmed.
  • If you are cast, you may be asked to provide certain garments, shoes or other personal items.


  • Rehearsals will likely be a combination of Sunday afternoons, plus Monday/Wednesday/Thursday evenings, depending on the conflict lists provided by the two actors selected.
  • Rehearsals will start at three per week and build to at least four per week as tech week approaches.
  • First read-through, via Zoom: TBD (depending on actor availability).
  • Virtual Rehearsals via Zoom: Commence the week of January 4
  • In Person Rehearsals: Commence the week of February 1 (conditions permitting)

Contact the Producer, Richard Durkin at

RCP is an all-volunteer community organization so performers do not receive any payment and no roles are pre-cast. RCP welcomes actors of all ethnicities to audition.


Once you enter the Sunset Business Park from Spring Street, head to the Left.

RCP is in the back left corner of the Business Park, near the tree line closest to the Fairfax County Parkway.

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It is our goal to maintain the highest standards of health and safety to mitigate chances of exposure to COVID-19 while rehearsing and performing in person.

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Auditionees acknowledge the inherent risk of rehearsing and performing in-person at this time. As such we will and expect all cast and crew to carry a mutual respect for each other and the company. COVID protocols are in place, and will be followed by all parties.